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Edane is a portrait of a group that has a musical maturity in the cultivation of the album as well as performing on stage. Charm center group located mainly in Zahedi Riza Sjahranie aka Eet Sjahranie. Eet guitar is very attractive, stunning, and crazy. Beng Beng, guitarist Pas say, if we want to mention who exactly rock guitarist Indonesia, Eet was the one. Edane originally known as the acronym for Eet and Ecky Lamoh. Formed in 1991, consists of Eet Edane Sjahranie (guitar), Ecky Lamoh (vocals), Iwan Xaverius (bass), and Dawn Satritama (drums).
After attending music coloring Edane the first album of The Beast (1992), Ecky pull. Edane not change its name. Batara Day or better known as Ucok, entered. But then turn the pull Ucok. His position was taken over by Trison, former vocalist Roxx. Trison selected through rigorous selection process conducted during two stages.
But in mid-2003 once again in case of replacement vocalist, the date 9 July 2003, exactly Trison resigned from Edane, many confusing stories of resignation Trison but certainly after resigning Trison Edane finally get a new vocalist replace ex Band of Robby the Razzle ordinary songs Guns n Roses. The presence of a singer with such characters can be guessed Edane will again carry the hard rock music or the like, they seem to come back want to highlight the individual skills of each personnel on the album to come. According to Eet, this vocalist change occurred because of personnel began to realize an imbalance in terms of meeting the demands of Edane music. "Actually it has been recognized since the making of the album Borneo. We've been thinking to make music more widely than ever before. The consequence of that, we certainly need personnel who can fulfill that capacity," said Eet.
Nevertheless, further Eet, the relationship between personnel Edane with Ucok stay well. Because Ucok own initiative to resign. "In fact Ucok also agree with the auditions for new vocalist."
Has six albums they remove the Beast (1992), Jabrik (1994), Borneo (1996), 9299 (1999), 170 Volts (2002), and Time To Rock (2005). Album 9299 (Aquarius) is a compilation of new songs and old songs. Three new songs are on track to become the World champion, Listen to Me, and Rock On. Same old song go, among others Jabrik, and Follow-rich Borneo Dayak ethnic element. "The songs we consider to represent Edane," said Eet.
Edane music creation process, said Eet and Dawn, more contradictory than-rif rif who played in the studio. "Rif-rif was later developed into composition and finally on track," said Dawn. This is why the cultivation of the album Edane always long. For one album, they could spend more than one hundred shifts, considerable amounts (can to make three albums) for another group. However, according to Rudra, Edane album sound engineer, with the sort of music Edane very rich in color and detail.
Edane play hard rock music. But Eet prefer to call it rock. Eet is also often identified with Eddie Van Halen, guitarist who influence it. From here comes a play Edane actually stands for Eet and Eddie Van Halen. Identifying it, said Eet, "makes me flattered and annoyed. Flattered because Van Halen is a great name. Mad because I want to be myself, not anyone else."
Since initiated in 1991, Edane management has moved from hand to hand. The first dealt with Ali Akbar, then moved to Jimmy Doto, then to Aci, and has handled himself. Edane management now held by Heri 'Ucok' Batara with his Rock On Management.
Edane Group led by guitarist EET Sjahranie states break away from his contract with Sony BMG and expressed readiness to join the LOG Log Management led by this Zhelebour.Hal EET and Heri Batara expressed as manager Edane when a week ago facing Log to express his desire to join Music Logs for recording his album and also asked for logs to manage Edane management. Logs are familiar Eet since 1989 when joined with GOD BLESS and spawned a huge album (1989) and What's News (1997). God Bless giant tour organized by the log in the year 1989 - 1990 with sponsorship Gudang Garam is the biggest rock concert in the history of musical performance in Indonesia is difficult to surpass today. Edane hopefully can shine once again join with the Log.
Personnel Edane
Personnel Edane alternately in a different period of time. Here is the configuration of the group that never happened:
Edane I:Eet Sjahranie: guitarEcky Lamoh: vocalsIwan Xaverius: bassDawn Satritama: drums
Edane II:Eet Sjahranie: guitarHeri Batara: vocalsIwan Xaverius: bassDawn Satritama: drums
Edane III:Eet Sjahranie: guitarTrison Manurung: vocalsIwan Xaverius: bassDawn Satritama: drums
Edane IV:Eet Sjahranie: guitarRobby Matulandi: vocalsIwan Xaverius: bassDawn Satritama: drums
Blue and Robbie finally resigned.
Discography EdaneAlbums
* 1992: The Beast Records & Edane AIRO producer, label AIRO* 1994: Jabrik Edane producer, label Aquarius Musikindo* 1996: Borneo Edane producer, label Aquarius Musikindo* 1999: '9299 ("the best album) Edane producer, label Aquarius Musikindo* 2002: 170 Volts January Djuhana producer, label Sony Music Indonesia* 2005: Time to Rock producer January Djuhana, label Sony Music Indonesia

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